From Honorable Chief Minister of Gujarat State
Shri Narendra Modi

It gives me pleasure to know that GSRTC is launching its own website

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation has played a pivotal role in the economic growth of the state through operating an extensive passenger transport network and reaching out to villages. It is a matter of gratification that GSRTC transports around 2.7 million passengers daily, and has notched up a passenger kilometer of over 2.8 million per day. It has achieved remarkable performance in the face of heavy odds, and its services is cost effective. The new environment has thrown up such challengers to GSRTC as productivity improvement, market orientation and financial engineering. GSRTC is at a threshold of opportunities and needs to restructure itself.

I am sure that GSRTC will harness these opportunities and set exemplary standards in its service to public

Let us, dedicate ourselves to the ideal of an efficient, vibrant and public- oriented GSRTC.